100 Orlando-based Black-owned businesses, Black creatives, and entrepreneurs you should know

Any time is a good time to support Black-owned businesses. Right now, the Black community is disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and so many Black people and allies are working to dismantle systemic racism. Our local Black community could use support more than ever. 

Last week, I had several DMs in the Pulptown Instagram inbox asking for a resource to Black-owned restaurants and businesses. I pointed many of you to @aacccf, the African American Chamber of Commerce in Central Florida, and I linked to a thorough and IG-friendly restaurant round-up from @blackbusinessorlando

Since then, I’ve also found this list of 91 local Black-owned restaurants and counting by Orlando blogger, @melanineats that she made for the site, Dine. Black. (Highly recommend you bookmark it for when traveling becomes a thing again!) 

Meanwhile, in the background, I’ve slowly been gathering your recommendations also, and I’ve compiled a list of 100 local Black-owned businesses and organizations to support and Black creatives and entrepreneurs. Most of this list has been crowdsourced by you, our readers, over the past two weeks, and also over the last two-and-a-half years, when you’d write in to tell us something or someone we missed in a roundup we’d done.

While I always thought we highlighted all races fairly in Pulptown, I know we can do a lot better. I can do better.

Right now, we’re all being called to act against injustice and to do better. We can do it by signing petitions, donating to local organizations fighting racial inequality, by reading books, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, and by understanding first and then having hard, honest conversations with ourselves and then with others.

And we can spend more money at Black-owned businesses and hire more Black creatives. 

Here’s Pulptown’s crowdsourced list of Black-owned Orlando. Consider this a start, and let’s keep building a better city together. Wanna add someone to the list? Just fill out this form or drop a rec in the comments on IG. And if you have other suggestions, ideas, or critiques that can help us improve, we’re here for it. Email me. I’m learning, and I appreciate you.

Be good to each other, Orlando, 

Katie at Pulptown 

P.S. If you wanna see more lists like this one, you can help make it happen by becoming a member if you haven’t already.