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We believe that connecting with your city shouldn’t feel like work.

That’s why we curate the best events around town, explain what’s happening in our city and why it matters, and highlight the people, businesses, and organizations that are working to make Orlando a brighter place — all in a short, delightful email newsletter.

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Katie Johnston is our founder, director, and resident defender of Alabama football, but still appreciates a good tailgate at UCF with the rest of them. She’s also rarely met a dad joke she didn’t like, never met a new city she hasn’t loved and loves her 15-year-old pup Ludacris more than most.

Yadia Suarez is our business and partnership manager. She loves to travel domestically and internationally catching concerts as she explores. When she’s not traveling you can find her cuddling with both her dog and cat. She’s a dog, cat and people person — win!

Kayla O’Brien is our video producer. She’s a former UCF Knight and current travel enthusiast. You’ll most likely catch her around Orlando in a group boot camp class, cocktail bar or petting her black cat Tarot.   



Pulptown has sister publications in three cities (The Evergrey, Seattle; The New Tropic, Miami; Bridgeliner, Portland), and we all rely on the folks at WhereByUs HQ for help building our technology, mailing out our membership swag, and making the newsletter sparkle.   

Here are just a few of the fantastic people who support our work.

Briana Brown is queen of all things logistics, from getting Pulptown swag to our members to managing our event partnerships.


Hector Chacon helps keep things looking spiffy by designing sweet graphics (like our City Curious logo) and taking only the finest photos of Orlando.


Caitlin Moran edits the newsletter with an eagle eye and is learning all about Central Florida’s theme-park landscape — and the real heart of Orlando that exists beyond Lake Buena Vista.


Haley Weaver turns our muddled thoughts into beautiful illustrations and helps us raise our meme and GIF game.




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