Meet our newest team member, RJ

RJ Bohyn is the newest addition to the Pulptown team — she’s our “engagement producer”, working specifically on helping Katie build community partnerships as well as managing our membership program. She helps secure awesome discounts and giveaways for members only: tickets to Timucua, gift cards to Dora Mae Jewelry, discounts at Ivanhoe Park Brewing

RJ took over the role in late October and has been crushing it since we let her “out the gate.”  We like her so much that we thought you should get to know her, too, so we asked her to answer a few Qs about Orlando:

Favorite neighborhood in the city? My own neighborhood, Thornton Park, especially for the murals and its walkability! A close runner-up is Ivanhoe. I love the independently-owned gift shops along Orange Ave. like Miscellaneous Market. For food, the train shots at The Hammered Lamb pair wonderfully with Mary’s Little Omelet.

Favorite local guilty pleasure? Indulging in a tasty cocktail at Sunroom or Mather’s. 

Favorite local sports team? The Magic.

Favorite hidden gem? Good Crowd Shop in College Park. I *love* gift-giving and the fine art of choosing the perfect one⁠—Good Crowd makes that easy.

What do you love most about Orlando? The people. 

What’s one local nonprofit you really get behind? Florida Immigrant Coalition is doing the work to advocate for and support the vibrant immigrant community that makes this the City Beautiful. 

If Orlando had a ____________, you’d feel complete. Sweetgreen, mmmm.

Finish the sentence: You’re not a true Orlandoan unless… you have at least three stories about how you almost died on I-4.

An Orlandoan everyone should know is… I’m biased but our local Pulptown Director Katie Johnston. She owns the voice and tone of the Pulptown newsletter that everyone enjoys which is a testament to how cool she is in her own right (you can’t omit my true answer, Katie, it’s unethical!!)

Where can people expect to run into you? Whippoorwill on South Street. Otherwise, follow my adventures and antics on Instagram or Twitter.