Spotlight on Mills 50: Dumpster Art

When we first started talking about our neighborhood spotlight on Mills 50 and all 55 things we wish we had time to cover this go-round, there were four key traits that we wanted to be sure we highlighted.

One was its food scene (hello, Pig Floyd’s), another was its history of longtime bars (and newish old bars like Wally’s), its connection to our LGBTQ+ community (The Center) and finally, its thriving art scene.

This is where we get to introduce you to Tony Collier, a city employee for the last decade and a waste collector for almost 30 years. Tony went with our video producer Kayla on a tour of Mills 50’s dumpsters, which unlike most dumpsters, are a literal work of art.

The Mills 50 dumpster art project includes nearly 30 painted dumpsters. We were able to venture to a handful of them and got Tony’s opinion of each.

Watch our full interview and outing with Tony here.