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The City Curious: What Questions Do You Have about Parramore?

We wanted to know what questions you had about Parramore. We received more than a dozen questions, and now we’re ready to take one of them on with you. Vote for your favorite below, and be sure to and check back in your newsletter later this month, when we’ll report out and answer the winning […]

Neighborhoods / April 12, 2019

Where to Volunteer in Orlando

📸: Giphy In honor of National Volunteer Month (April) and National Volunteer Week (April 7 – 13), here are a few ways you can give back around Orlando this spring and summer, starting next weekend. Next weekend Meet at Orlando City Hall to celebrate Earth Day with a work day cleaning the city. (Downtown) Join […]

Things to do / April 11, 2019

This developer is upping Orlando’s street cred, one street at a time

This Orlando developer is making big changes — againIt's time to grow up 🌇Posted by Pulptown on Thursday, March 28, 2019MEET THIS CHANGEMAKER: Craig Ustler, president of the Ustler Development Group, is best known for transforming Thornton Park into a desirable and walkable neighborhood throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. He’s been heavily involved in […]

Changemakers / April 2, 2019

Changemakers: Meet the Orlandoans who are literally building our future

Orlando is growing rapidly and these are the folks working to make a difference when it comes to how we think about growth and architecture.

Changemakers / April 1, 2019

Living a sex-positive life in Orlando

Angelique Luna, local blogger turned sex advocate and educator, is one-half of the local podcast, ‘Living a Sex Positive Life’, where she and her husband, John, talk about how to embrace sexuality and why it’s important. Angelique is also a certified kink therapy professional meaning she talks to folks about their alternative sexual lifestyles, sometimes […]

Issues / February 28, 2019

These 100-word love stories from Orlandoans will make your heart melt

We asked you for 100-word love stories about how you’ve experienced love while living in Orlando, and here’s what you all shared with us.

Love / February 25, 2019

Where to park in downtown Orlando

May or may not have said this a time or two when frequenting downtown. 📸: giphy We asked you what you wanted to know about downtown and your 20+ submissions resulted in a three-way tie, all of which we will get to but we’re starting with Michelle Morales’ very relatable question: Where is the least expensive […]

Downtown / February 19, 2019

Todd Ulmer is known for theming downtown Orlando’s bar scene

If you’ve ever walked into an Orlando bar that is themed down to the straws in your custom cocktail, there’s a chance Todd Ulmer had something to do with it. Ulmer owns four bars, two in Thornton Park: Aku Aku and Stardust Lounge and tow downtown: Frosty’s Christmastime Lounge and Fuel. He’s also had his […]

Downtown / February 6, 2019

Why is dating in Orlando so difficult?

Orlando-native Jazmin Diaz, founder of Queens for Queens, has a few opinions on why dating is hard in Orlando. 📸: @jazzzmindiazzz What makes dating in Orlando so damn hard? Where are all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes? We reached out to Jazmin Diaz, a 25-year-old Orlando native who is leading some of those conversations in […]

Issues / February 5, 2019

Affordable Housing is a big issue in Orlando

Shoutout to reader Mike Leoncio for tagging us in this awesome shot of Downtown Orlando. It looks like a big city … and today, we’re talking about big city problems. 📸: @wallflowe12 Our rent is skyrocketing and, as a result, we continue to need more affordable housing options. But what does it mean exactly for […]

Housing / January 17, 2019