Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Orlando asks – is a hot dog 🌭 a sandwich?

Orlandoans love their hotdogs. 🌭 But the age-old debate of whether a hotdog is a sandwich or not, has now been answered.

Is a hotdog a sandwich photo credit Andersen Jensen And when I asked you to fill in the blank (typed to the tune of that old Jewel song), “If I could tell the world just one thing about hot dogs, it would be…”, y’all really delivered.

“They also taste good with coleslaw.” — Erik D.

“Bow down to the superior corndog.” — Ashley Z. 

“Portillo’s is the absolute best in the world. I’m from Chicago, so I should know. Nothing beats Portillo’s special beef dogs  —and forget the ketchup. I can’t wait to have one nearby. Lord help my cholesterol.” — C. Watson

“Try a bagel dog. Thank me later.” — Laura B. 

There you have it folks: Orlandoans know a good hot dog when they eat one.

And… drum roll… The answer? No, a hot dog is not a sandwich. 

What do you think?

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Best Orlando Hotdog

Portillo‘s offers Chicago-type hotdogs in Orlando, with the Char-Grilled Maxwell Street Polish Sausage being the big on to drool over.

Best Orlando Vegan Hotdog

Interested in a great Vegan hot dog? One that serves hot dogs made of wheat and sausages formed with peas?  The Vegan Hot Dog Cart has what you want… with a side order of some amazing vegan toppings!

Where do you think the best hotdog is in Orlando?

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