Four great taco spots in Orlando – plus one!

Four great taco spots  – plus one! Authentic Mexican food in Orlando


Where you can find our city’s most delicious tacos and get them muy rápido

In Orlando, you can’t just taco ‘bout it, you’ve got to be about it!

Below are a few fast facts about our top four quick-service taco spots:

  1. Tin & TacoGreat Taco spots in Orlando local recommended

With a focus on craft tacos, craft beer and craft sodas, Tin & Taco seems to know their audience. (Owner Rob Bair has been in the taco business for a long time. He founded Gringos Locos before his business partners went rogue). Our best tips:

  • The tacos al pastor are on fire.
  • Don’t sleep on the meatless taco.
  • You won’t smell like Tin & Taco for days after you leave, which in our opinion, is a nice plus.
  1. Black Rooster TaqueriaGreat Taco spots in Orlando local recommended

Honestly, I have no idea what I did with my life before this place. If I’m ever unsure what I want for dinner, this is always the best option.  Our best tips:

  • Is their guac the best in town? We say yes…
  • Def go with the kale salad (if meat’s your thing, we prefer the chicken tinga)
  • If you don’t feel like dining out, it’s one of the very few places when ordered through UberEats that still shows up looking good AND tasting great. (Reader recommended!)
  1. Gringos LocosGreat Taco spots in Orlando local recommended

This is the O.G. For years, I worked downtown, and late nights would call for Gringos Locos (then I retired from both late nights and late night tacos). Our best tips:

  • The Double D’s – aka the DOUBLE DECKER – a soft taco, wrapped in a crunchy shell –  are so good, they even have shirts named after them.
  • Local say the Mouth Hugger is a close second favorite.
  • For the last eight-plus years, it’s arguably been THE most requested drunk food Downtown.
  1. Hunger Street TacosGreat Taco spots in Orlando local recommended

This spot is the closest you’ll get to true authentic Mexican street tacos. Read more about the incredible story behind how it opened and created its menu here. Our best tips:

  • If you’re dining in, try the sopas. Also, take in the murals and art around you.  
  • Crowd favorites? The brisket, chicharrón de queso, and chicken tinga tostadas.
  • The hibiscus and guac taco is also a fun choice. (Reader recommended!)

Would you rather have Double D’s at Gringos, the brisket tacos at Hunger Street, the tacos el pastor at Tin & Taco, or the fire kale salad with chicken tingas at Black Rooster? One thing’s for certain, if you want tacos, you don’t have to drive very far to find quality ones.

Any other tips you’d pass along for these four places? Are there other taco spots we should highlight? Let us know. Faye Albanna and Emi Newman both recommended: Antojitos Locos for Birria Tacos in Oakland.

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