Spotlight on Mills 50: Wally’s

Whether you love or hate the changes, one thing’s for sure: Wally’s is back (just a little more “polished”).

A staple since 1954, longtime beer and spirit seekers cherished the “come as you are” attitude that the bar fostered and it was an incredibly sad day last year when Wally’s announced its unexpected closure. Orlandoans flocked to Facebook to beg longtime Wally’s aficionado, attorney John Morgan to buy the place and others made funny memes on Reddit.

Morgan didn’t answer the call but new owner Minesh Patel did and he called on local interior designer Reid Pasternack to help revive Wally’s. Aside from being smoke-free and not so dark-lit, the one thing most regulars might miss is the jukebox (though talks of its return are in the works). But, some of the old nostalgia can still be found. Like the naked women wallpaper and Wally’s remains.

Spokesperson Jordan Eichenblatt says ordering a Jameson and a PBR at Wally’s is comparable to eating a hot dog at Fenway Park.

Watch our video of Wally’s here.