Neighborhood spotlight on Sanford

In its early days, Sanford was known as the “historic waterfront gateway city”. To locals, it’s lovingly dubbed Bokey, a name with unclear origins that to some means low-key, to others is in reference to “Boat Key” and still to others, referenced the old community of Goldsboro. One thing’s for certain: Sanford has a lot of history. And its locals do a lot of work to help preserve that history.

It’s now also making a name for itself with breweries galore and a burgeoning foodie scene. While we were only able to highlight a few of Sanford’s many offerings: Sanford Porchfest, The Memory Wall, Wondermade, Hollerbach’s, and Venue 1902, we can assure you that a day spent in Sanford will be a day well spent. We encourage you to enjoy your time in Sanford, you can either take the SunRail to get there (during the week) if you’re not local to the area, can spend a whole day perusing its historic downtown neighborhood, or spend an afternoon along the riverfront. Go hungry, stay thirsty, and shop around. Sanford is the perfect place to slow down the world, even if only for a little while.