Why is dating in Orlando so difficult?

Orlando-native Jazmin Diaz, founder of Queens for Queens, has a few opinions on why dating is hard in Orlando. 📸: @jazzzmindiazzz What makes dating in Orlando so damn hard? Where are all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes? We reached out to Jazmin Diaz, a 25-year-old Orlando native who is leading some of those conversations in […]

/ February 5, 2019

Orlando’s transit lady is digging into our commuting issues

Figuring out how best to commute to work is Courtney Reynold’s life’s work. As a program manager for reThink Your Commute, Reynolds helps connect employers and employees with transit options other than driving alone. “The way to change things is to start somewhere,” she said. Reynolds began her relationship with public transportation in the fifth […]

/ January 24, 2019

The rent is too dang high in Orlando

📸: pulptown Nothing makes a term like “affordable housing” go from wonky to real world quite like getting a rent-increase notice in the mail. That’s what happened to reader Alison Rivera, who wrote this in response to our recent call-out asking for your questions about housing in Orlando: “How will they fix this? I just […]

/ January 22, 2019

Affordable Housing is a big issue in Orlando

Shoutout to reader Mike Leoncio for tagging us in this awesome shot of Downtown Orlando. It looks like a big city … and today, we’re talking about big city problems. 📸: @wallflowe12 Our rent is skyrocketing and, as a result, we continue to need more affordable housing options. But what does it mean exactly for […]

/ January 17, 2019

Get to know the history of the SoDo neighborhood in Orlando

Passengers waiting to board train at Orlando depot. State Archives of Florida One thing the SoDo district in Orlando is not short on is history. Reader David B. submitted a question to Pulptown, asking us to share more about the history behind important landmarks in SoDo that have been around for hundreds of years. We’re […]

/ January 14, 2019

5 stats to use next time you talk about affordable housing in Orlando

default 📸: @wallflowe12 It’s no secret that Orlando is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis and has been for a long time. But even just the phrase “affordable housing” has become so commonplace that it’s easy for us to assume we know what we’re talking about. That’s why we’re digging into what exactly […]

/ January 11, 2019

Friendly residents and growing businesses: Celebrating Orlando’s SoDo District

The city of Orlando is going through many changes, and the area south of downtown — the SoDo District — is helping lead the charge. Officially established in the fall of 2008, SoDo District’s residents have joined forces with property owners and merchants to help revitalize the Orange Avenue and Michigan Street corridors while embracing the […]

/ January 9, 2019

Timucua Arts Foundation is part music venue part family living room

Timucua Arts Foundation started from humble beginnings, holding its first concerts for a small group of friends in September 2000. Founder Benoit Glazer, a local for 20 years, moved to Orlando to be the conductor of Cirque du Soleil. Frustrated by the lack of live music options, Glazer and his wife started hosting small musical […]

/ January 8, 2019