Your guide to voter guides

We’re five days away from Election Day. Have you made your voting plan yet?

If not, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a list of voter guides for you to reference if you’ve yet to fulfill your civic duty.

🗳 Start with our Procrastinator’s Guide to the Election. We did our best to answer voter Qs like how to cast your ballot, how to make sure your vote is counted, and how to tell if your ballot has been received. What we didn’t include was the what and who are on the ballot. That’s because there are bigger organizations out there with more employees than this one-woman show, so we’re leaving it to the experts.

🗳 For a nonpartisan guide to what’s on your ballot including amendments and charters, check out the League of Women Voters’ site, Vote411.org. It’s probably our favorite resource because it’s easy to navigate and pretty self-explanatory.

🗳 There’s also the Orlando Weekly’s race-by-race guide. OW also has a 2020 General Election Guide that outlines voter basics.

🗳 And the Orlando Sentinel has a comprehensive voter guide that includes their endorsements of candidates.

🗳 Channel 6’s approach was to outline everything you need to know ahead of the election.

🗳 For me, if there’s one thing I’m typically unsure of when heading to the poll, it’s who tf to vote for when it comes to our local judges. Voting for Justice is a handy, non-partisan guide to Central Florida judicial races created by an Orlandoan.

🗳 And lastly, Rep. Anna Eskamani has shared her endorsements for the 2020 election for your perusal.

As a friendly reminder, early voting is on through Saturday for Lake County and Sunday for Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties and Election Day is next Tuesday.

Did we miss a local voter resource that you’ve found extremely helpful? We’d love to hear about it. Send it our way, hello@pulp.town, subject line: My go-to voter resource.

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