An interactive list of Orlando’s murals

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We partnered with AdventHealth to spotlight some of the most creative and inspiring murals around Orlando. 

Not only is it a good excuse to get outside and get some fresh air, but if you’re new to the City Beautiful, it’s a great opportunity to learn about the super talented artists in our community. Because one great way to get to know a new city is to get a little lost – you never know what you’ll stumble upon.      

We picked these murals to encourage you to reflect on your personal relationships and to tune into your own creativity, growth, and mindfulness. At each mural, we’ve come up with a journal prompt (if your idea of a journal is Insta, that’s cool too) and a take-action-right-now moment that could be something thoughtful or silly (get ready for a parking lot dance party 🕺).  

For example, as a journal prompt, we suggest visiting the #OrlandoStrong mural on the nearby Track Shack wall and to think of an event or person that has made your life stronger. The take action moment includes taking a selfie with the wall and tagging someone in your pic that you would want to ride a tandem bike with. Bonus points if you are on an actual tandem bike. 

Pro-tip: Always protect yourself and others by bringing your mask along with you and practicing social distancing guidelines at all the stops.

Ready to hit the road? Let’s get moving, Orlando! 


Greetings from Orlando, North Quarter/Colonial

Location: Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe

Artist: Victor Ving 

Journal prompt: Write to someone about what they’re missing in Orlando right now. 

Action: Grab a postcard (or a record from Uncle Tony’s!) and send it to someone you miss.


Milkweed Galaxy, Downtown

Location: The parking lot behind 520 South Magnolia Avenue

Artist: Ink Dwell studio

Journal prompt: What’s one healthy change you want to make in your life?

Action: Reimagine your morning routine. What would you do with an extra 15 minutes in your morning? Write down your 2021 goals.


Plant wall, Hourglass District

Location: Hourglass Social House

Artist: Jason Mohn

Journal prompt: Growth — take a moment to think about how far you’ve come. What prompted such growth?

Action: Grab a plant next door at Bros with Hoes Plant Co. and send it to your bestie.


AdventHealth Mural, Avalon Park

Location: Marketplace at Avalon Park 

Artists: The Orlando community

Journal: Color / draw your own tile.

Action: Take a photo of your hands making the heart shape that mimics the mural.


Milk Wings, Milk District 

Location: Pho Hoa Noodle Soup

Artist: DelaCruz

Journal prompt: Think of a place you want to travel to and write five things you want to do there. 

Action: Call or text the person you’d want to take with you. Bonus points if you send a pic of you in a fun fringe jacket from Etoile Boutique next door.


Swan mural, Thornton Park

Location: The Falcon Bar and Gallery

Artist: Evoca1

Journal prompt: Write a note to someone you need to forgive. Up to you if you send or not. 

Action: Give yourself a literal hug.Then grab a pastry at Benjamin’s French Bakery and give your insides a hug.


Chris Uphues Orlando mural, College Park

Location: Naked Bar Soap Co.

Artist: Chris UpHues

Journal prompt: Take a break and doodle whatever your heart desires.

Action: Make a College Park care package: grab soaps from Naked Bar Soap Co., a comfort tea from Infusion Tea, and a card from Good Crowd Shop and send it to a friend (or yourself, no judgment here).


#OrlandoStrong, Mills 50 District

Location: Track Shack

Artists: Track Shack staff and volunteers  

Journal: Reflect on an event or person that made you stronger. 

Action: Take a selfie and tag a friend you wish was with you — that someone you trust to ride a tandem bike with.

Bonus points: Sign up for a virtual 5k with Track Shack.


The Essential Worker, Mills 50 District

Location: Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa

Artist: @johnnycoppersnake

Journal: Write a thank-you note to a healthcare worker or any other essential worker in your life. 

Action: Do something good for your heart and hop on or off the Urban Trail for a quick walk/run or bike ride — it’s only a block away. 


Mister Rogers & Bob Ross, Winter Park

Location: Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Artist: Jonas Never

Journal: Heed Mr. Rogers’ advice and take 10 seconds to think of the people who’ve helped you become who you are.

Action: Double up on the fun with Bob Ross around the corner and draw little happy trees until you feel at peace.  


Love Orlando mural, Colonialtown

Location: Se7en Bites

Artists: Ashley Rocco and Rhett Withey

Journal: Make a list of the seven things you love most about Orlando. 

Action: Post it to your IG story or text a loved one that you want to experience all of those things with.


Sthenos the Gorgon, Parrot with flowers, East Colonial 

Artist: Tony Philippou, Sthenos the Gorgon; @ric.one, Parrot with flowers

Location: Pho Hoa Restaurant

Journal prompt: Use your noodle to think about nature.

Action: Have a dance party or go for a silly walk in the parking lot.


Downtown Kissimmee Art, Osceola Arts, Art is Now Project

Location: Kissimmee, Broadway + Monument Ave and Broadway right before Ruby Avenue

Artists: Various

Journal: Let your thoughts take flight. Give yourself 3 minutes to write about anything that comes to mind, no matter how silly or serious. 

Action: Take a walk through downtown Kissimmee Historic District and discover something new. 


What Lifts You Wings Mural, Lake Nona

Location: The former Jacq & Jack building in Lake Nona

Artist: Colette Miller

Journal: What’s the first place you would go if you had wings? 

Action: Take a brisk walk around the Lake Nona shopping center, admiring the artwork and sculptures along the way. Grab food from Boxi Park or a slice from Park Pizza & Brewing Co.


Lake Mary “Mural Alley”, Lake Mary

Location: Downtown Lake Mary, off 4th Street 

Artists: Various, Artists include: Jill Jordan, Ronni Villanueva, Brooke Stefanelli 

Journal: Make a gratitude list — write down 25 things you’re thankful for. 

Action: Take a pic of you displaying a different emotion in front of each mural.


Orange Bird mural, Disney Springs

Location: Around the corner from Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Artist: Disney Imagineering Team

Journal: Write down five reasons you smiled today.

Action: Find the nearest bench and have a seat. Then imagine walking in five someone else’s shoes.

By Pulptown Creative Studio
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