Timucua Arts Foundation is part music venue part family living room

Timucua Arts Foundation started from humble beginnings, holding its first concerts for a small group of friends in September 2000. Founder Benoit Glazer, a local for 20 years, moved to Orlando to be the conductor of Cirque du Soleil. Frustrated by the lack of live music options, Glazer and his wife started hosting small musical acts in their home near Hunter’s Creek.

Then in 2007, the Glazers built a new home in SoDo they lovingly dubbed The Timucua House, named after their former subdivision in Hunter’s Creek. Today the foundation is run by 16 volunteers, and Glazer boasts that artists have come to perform from every continent, except Antarctica, because “there aren’t many musicians from Antarctica.”

The venue has gotten so popular Glazer doesn’t even contact performers to play; they contact him, and they’re booked at least a year in advance. The concert season now lasts year-round and hosts more than 70 events per year, with ticket prices ranging from free to $20 dollars.

In any given month, you’ll experience classical, jazz, world music and an alternative night, which could include spoken word or film or a musical style without a defined label.

“Magical is (a word) thrown around this town quite a bit, but we’ve heard that quite a lot (when it comes to performances at Timucua),” Glazer said. “People say it’s changed their life.”

Want to attend a performance at Timucua? Upcoming shows include, pianists Tao Lin and Catherine Lan and “The Father of Bluegrass Music,” Monroe Crossing. 

By Kayla O'Brien
Kayla O’Brien is Pulptown's video producer, former UCF Knight, and current travel enthusiast. You’ll most likely catch her around Orlando in a group bootcamp class, local cocktail bar or cuddling with her black cat Tarot.