Tell someone (or something) you love ’em with a special love note in Pulptown

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and maybe you’re thinking about what to get your sweetheart.

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but …

💐 Flowers? They die.

🍫 Candy? It expires.

💎 Jewelry? It tarnishes.

🖋 Handwritten cards? Dogs eat ‘em.

🌮 Tacos? Okay, you have a point…

But you know what never goes out of style?

💌 Sharing your love in our digital newsletter.

Yes, this is truly the 2020 way to show your affection. What better way to proclaim your love than in front of all of Orlando (well, 8,500 Orlandoans)? Each Valentine’s ad costs $25/message, so it’s a little cheaper than jewelry, too. 😂

Channel your inner Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail” and type a sweet note to your Valentine, Galentine, Palentine, etc. We’ll share ‘em in an extra special Pulptown newsletter on Feb. 14.

Here are some examples I wrote to get you in the “mood”…

💘 Dearest Miguel, you’re softer than a Buttermilk Bakery quiche, hotter than a slice from Planet Pizza, and smarter than anyone I know. Thanks for being my valentine, seven years in a row! — Katie

💐 Dear Christina, Roses are red, violets are blue, if you’re reading this early, make me go on a run with you! — XOXO, your galentine Katie

🐶 Oh Luda, my boo, there’s absolutely no one cuter than you. I love your Fritos-smelling paws and fun-to-pet ears. Thanks for being my paw-lentine these last 16 years! — yo mama

See?! You can totally do that. Let’s have some fun and get a little weird. It’s like old-school classified ads but for the 21st Century. Submit your love note here.

Into it? Each ad costs $25/message. And we’ll sweeten the deal by giving you a hefty discount for our Modern Love: Pitch-Your-Friend event happening at Ivanhoe Park Brewing on Feb. 14 if you send a Pulptown love note.

Fine print: Let’s keep it PG-13, k? Questions? Email hello@pulp.town.