SunRail blogger is trying to be passengers’ voice

Public transit runs in David Porter’s DNA. His father helped power the third rail in New York City’s subway system for more than 30 years, and Porter grew up navigating his way through the city’s boroughs via public transit.

Porter first moved to Orlando to work as a writer for the Orlando Sentinel, before leaving the paper to start a small communications company.

In 2014, he launched a blog called SunRailRiders.com to update passengers about the inner workings of the rail system.

Porter is the main contributor to the website, but he occasionally invites guest writers to share their points of view. He also profiles small businesses that are located near SunRail stations, and he recently launched a blog about the Lynx bus system called lynxedtogether.com.

SunRail Commission meetings are open to the public, and Porter has attended every once since 2014. He posts a video recording of each meeting to the SunRail Riders Facebook page.

Over the years, Porter has developed some theories as to how SunRail could improve including having service 7 days a week which is would give potential passengers more options. He also believes SunRail needs more designate funding in order to reach its full potential.

“Big projects like this can die,” Porter said. “People don’t understand there is no public transit system almost any place in the world that survives purely on the fare box.”

He hopes people continue to stay engaged with his content and continue to learn more about public transit systems.

By Kayla O'Brien
Kayla O’Brien is Pulptown's video producer, former UCF Knight, and current travel enthusiast. You’ll most likely catch her around Orlando in a group bootcamp class, local cocktail bar or cuddling with her black cat Tarot.