Jini McClelland, Pulptown Member, Recommends: Firebirds, Rogue Pub and more

Meet a Member: Jini McClelland

Pulptown Member Jini McClelland recommends Orlando goodies
Jini doing her thing at Dr. Phillips Center (📸: @jinimcclelland)

Today, the member spotlight falls on Jini McClelland.

What neighborhood do you call home? The Hourglass District.

Who’s in your quarantine squad? Just you? Family members? Friends? Pets? Friends & family (pets ARE family) (<— She’s right about that!)

What made you decide to become a member of Pulptown? I wanted to get to know Orlando better, stay informed, & see what’s happening in The City Beautiful.

What’s something you’re working on — in big ways or small — that you could use help with? Finding great local events here in Orlando and meeting people. (We got you, Jini. I’ll be sliding into your DMs!) 

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout, especially now (and why)? La FiestaRogue Pub,  JJs  Fresh from Scratch, and Firebirds for making great COVID-19 pivots until we can get back to in-house (or outside) dining.

What’s a recent story you’ve read about Orlando that you wish more people cared about? How hard this city, in particular, is being hit by the pandemic. We are a tourist town and so much of our economy is hit. We need help and the government is failing us.

What are you celebrating in your life right now? New job post-covid furlough. (*snaps*)

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