Page 15 gives young Parramore writers a stage


THE PLACE: Page 15 is a non-profit for young aspiring writers in Parramore of all skill and age levels. They meet after school to express their creativity through storytelling, poetry, journalism, and creative writing. In the Downtown Recreation Center on Parramore Avenue, the group presents its work on a small stage and receives feedback from peers. Students also become published authors through the program and help from a local printing press. Page 15’s philosophy is to inspire authentic creation, not give out homework.

FUN FACT: The name Page 15 comes from the program’s founder Julia Young. As a child, Young would often visit her grandmother who loved reading. Her rule was that no one could stop reading a book until they reached at least the 15th page.

QUOTABLE: “A lot of people come for the community at first, and then we give them the ideas or the opportunities to write something that’s important to them, more meaningful and then they find themselves accidentally enjoying that process,” said Paul Driscoll.

CHECK IT OUT: If want to see these young writers at work, some star students will share their writing on Wednesday, April 17 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Send Paul a message for info on attending.

By Kayla O'Brien
Kayla O’Brien is Pulptown's video producer, former UCF Knight, and current travel enthusiast. You’ll most likely catch her around Orlando in a group bootcamp class, local cocktail bar or cuddling with her black cat Tarot.