Ever gotten around Orlando without a car? We learned from some folks who do it every day

It’s no mystery that public transportation is hard to navigate in Orlando. Our city’s grown faster than we could get proper infrastructure in place to handle that growth and honestly, we’re struggling to keep up.

So we spent a few weeks in March diving into all things related to transit in the City Beautiful. And we worked hard to show you how to do it.

We personally made it our mission to use more public transportation, to not rely so heavily on our personal cars, and to find alternative methods of getting around town. We showed you how to take the heavily-critiqued SunRail from Winter Park to downtown, to the Orlando International Airport. And even when we missed our bus on the way back to the SunRail station, that would have taken us home, we took a different Lynx bus instead which brought us straight downtown.

We then followed the typical day in the life of a few Orlandoans who get around without cars like Beau Weaver, an Orlandoan committed to using his bike to get to work. Leann Huntoon who walks every day from her home in Thornton Park to her job downtown. And Belinda Gwyn, a local Lynx bus driver and daily user who uses her experience as a rider to make her a better driver.

Want to join Beau, LeAnn, and Belinda in navigating our city without relying on a car? You can start by checking out our Instagram stories of their commutes here, here and here and read their stories in more detail below. Also, head here to check out what you, and others, had to say about commuting in Orlando.

Have your own thoughts and ideas about getting around Orlando? Share them with us by sending an email to hello@pulp.town. We are always striving to help you live like you live here and that includes getting around like you live here too.