🏡 Five eye-popping stats on Orlando housing

🏡 Five eye-popping stats on Orlando housing

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It’s no secret that Orlando is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis and has been for a long time. But even just the phrase “affordable housing” has become so commonplace that it’s easy for us to assume we know what we’re talking about. That’s why we’re digging into what exactly “affordable housing” means for Orlandoans, starting with this list of the most eye-popping stats that help add context to our housing debate.

So the next time you find yourself talking to someone about this booming city of ours, the increased rent, and the lack of income growth, think about throwing one of these five stats into the conversation.

  1. Rent for homes and apartments in the metro Orlando area is rising faster than any other big city in the country, according to this December Zillow report. The average rent increase across the U.S. was 0.5 percent over the last year, while Orlando-area rent increased by 4.4 percent during the same time. Why? Fewer homes and apartments are available for rent.
  2. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is now $1,339 a month, according to internet listing service company RentCafe. Essentially, this means a minimum wage worker with a family needs to work almost three jobs just to afford their two-bedroom home.
  3. The average Orlando renter spends 31.5 percent of their income on rent, according to Zillow. And a household that spends more than 30 percent of its gross income on rent and utilities is considered cost-burdened, according to federal guidelines. If you spend more than half of your income on rent, you are considered extremely rent burdened.
  4. Despite these sobering statistics, fewer affordable housing units are being built. The Orlando metro area is just as bad as Los Angeles when it comes to the availability of affordable housing, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s annual report. Both are tied for second worst in the country, offering only 17 affordable units per 100 extremely low-income renter households.
  5. The state receives money that they are supposed to spend on building more affordable housing. But the Orange County government received only $1.8 million of the $14.4 million promised from the federal housing trust fund to spend on affordable housing for its low-income residents, according to the Florida Housing Coalition.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking into how the shortage of affordable housing in Orlando impacts our quality of life and identify potential solutions to fix this serious problem.

As always, we encourage you to share your questions and concerns about housing in Orlando. What do you want to know? Head here to tell us what’s on your mind. Next week we’ll put a few of those questions up to a vote, so you all can decide on what we’ll dig into on this topic.


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The echoes of injustice. Public apologies keep mounting in the case of the Groveland Four — a 1949 incident where four black men were wrongly convicted of kidnapping and raping a Lake County woman. Even the Sentinel’s editorial board has apologized for the newspaper’s “role in this unjustice.” Newly sworn-in Gov. Ron DeSantis meets with the Clemency Board for the first time today, where discussion of a posthumous pardon for the defendants is likely to come up. The family of the accuser, meanwhile, is standing by her assertion that the crimes took place. (Orlando Sentinel)

DeSantis dives in. Gov. Ron DeSantis is wasting no time in addressing Florida’s environmental disasters, pledging $2.5 billion to tackle problems like blue-green algae and red tide over the next four years. An executive order signed Thursday — the Republican governor’s second full day in office — establishes a state Office of Resiliency, a Blue-Green Algae Task Force, the Office of Environmental Accountability and Transparency, and a new position called chief science officer. Democrats praised the intent behind the order but questioned where the money for pollution clean-up would come from. (Orlando Sentinel)

Worth the wait? Fifty years after first trying to purchase the land, Disney finally convinced the family of the late cattle rancher Oren Brown to hand over 1,575 acres of their property for $11 million. Brown, who died in 1993, was notorious for his refusal to sell, once telling a magazine, “Lots of people like money, but I don’t care so much for it.” His heirs, apparently, felt differently. (Orlando Sentinel)

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Best of the best. Yelp’s 2019 “Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S.” is here, and Orlando’s Mee Thai Restaurant made the cut at No. 24. The restaurant specializes in serving dishes from the northeastern region of Thailand known as Esan. (Orlando Weekly)


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Since we’re talking about an ever-changing Orlando today, both good and bad, these photos of how the city has changed in recent years are both stunning and eye-opening.

We’ll see you again on Monday!

Have a good weekend, Orlando,

— Pulptown

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