🌎 Today we travel...

🌎 Today we travel...

Just a couple of locals trying to fit in.


  1. Must-rides: Frozen, Test Track and Soarin’. You might be thinking, yeah, duh, that’s a no-brainer but how on earth can you accomplish that? The key is getting there early, which is really the deal at every park if you want to get on the cool rides. Grab a FastPass to one (because Epcot is on a tiered system, you can only get a FastPass to one of these rides at a time). We say start with Frozen, stay the line at Soarin’, and then hope for a FastPass to Test Track (that or hit up the Single Rider line).
  2. Must-eats: Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada if you’re feeling fancy, a croque monsieur at the sneaky Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in the back of France, the queso and guacamole at La Cava Tequila Bar inside the pyramid in Mexico, and the beer-battered fish and chips at the Rose and Crown Pub in the United Kingdom.
  3. Must-drinks:  The Gran Marnier Orange Slush  at the kiosk in France, the tequila flight at La Cava in Mexico, a proper English beer in the Rose and Crown Pub in the United Kingdom, a Schofferhofer grapefruit Hefeweizen at the Biergarten in Germany, the Cucumber Cooler at the kiosk in Japan, and the signature sangria at Spice Road Table in Morocco.
  4. Must watch: You must watch the ever-so-outdated movie starring Martin Short in Canada. It is THE cheesiest and the best. Also, catch the short film in the theater in France but stop first for gelato, you know, for effect. Lastly, if you’ve never seen the movie shorts at the Pixar Film Festival, put it on your radar. Feast and Piper both make you feel all warm inside.
  5. Must do (if you have kids): Stop at one of the kiosks as you enter Epcot or any kiosk in The World Showcase and ask about their seasonal scavenger hunts.
  6. Must ’gram: the walls in Morocco, the statue of David in Italy, the troll in Norway, and a picture of yourself sitting on the horse statue at the Japan pavilion.
  7. Did you really Epcot if you didn’t: Take a pic on the steps of the pyramid? Put on a Viking hat in Canada? Donned a straw hat in China? Or shopped the bazaar in Morocco?
  8. Are you a true Orlandoan if you’ve never drunk around the world? You can do this any day of the year (sans blackout dates). It is the best experience and possibly one of the most expensive you’ll have as a local doing theme parks. (We’d say memorable, but your memory tends to get a little hazy a few stops in).
  9. SPLURGE. People travel all over to attend Epcot’s Annual Food and Wine Festival and this year, there are 75 whole days of events planned. It’s a go-to spot for your annual Boyz-to-Men fix, along with a few other early ’90s faves.
  10. Speaking of splurging and annual events, if you’re ballin’ and NOT on a budget, a must attend: Party for the Senses, a weekend night of out-of-this-world culinary dishes from famous chefs from around the world. It’s pricey (like $2-300 per person pricey), but worth it (especially if you can afford to retire in Florida).

Did we miss your favorite Epcot thing? Send us a note at hello@pulp.town. We want to know how you live like you live here, even at the tourist spots.

This is the third in a series of hacking our favorite theme parks. We’ve previously given you the lowdown on Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. It’s meant to help you live like you live here, and to enjoy a vacation in your own city a time or two (or when your out-of-town friends visit and insist you meet them there).



Tomorrow is Telecommute Day in Orlando and we are all about it. If you’re down to join the cause and help save the planet on the emissions of 70,000 people commuting into the city on any given day, then we encourage you to join us. We’re doing our part to decrease congestion and avoid pollution — well, that and wearing pajama pants all day. We’re also hosting a video chat with fellow telecommuters at 4:45 p.m. ET on Thursday if you want in.


Fairweather or farewell? Governor Rick Scott signed a law in March that made it easier to block access on private property to public beachfronts. Last week, Scott issued an executive order to put a stop to his own law, stating that the legislation created considerable confusion and that he was “committed to keeping our beaches open to the public and this executive order makes this commitment clear.” (Orlando Weekly)

Hey FIFA, we’re playing friendly. In its fifth year, the Florida Cup has announced its first two teams, both high-profile, for the 2019 friendly: the Netherlands’ AFC Ajax and Sao Paulo FC from Brazil. Sao Paulo won the cup in 2017, and it’s Ajax’s first appearance. The games are played in Orlando, Miami and Tampa in January. One of the many reasons we love it so? It demonstrates Orlando’s commitment to soccer in advance of the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America. (Orlando Business Journal)

The SunPass saga continues. Conduent State & Local Solutions, the company that manages SunPass systems, will not be receiving any money from the state until they meet all obligations in their contract. The improvements were expected by June 11. Still to come: upgrades to the website and mobile app, fixing problems using SunPass to park at the airport, and issues with the payment processing system. One Orlandoan has started a petition to waive all tolls imposed during the recent outage. (Orlando Weekly)

The war on minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is a major topic this election season, especially at Orlando International Airport. While Miami and Fort Lauderdale airport workers have won wage increases in recent years past, those at MCO are still fighting for theirs. Florida’s minimum wage is $8.25 an hour, roughly $17,000 a year for full-time workers. Orlando currently has the lowest median income of all metropolitan areas in the United States. (Orlando Sentinel)

Back-to-school health fair. Florida Hospital and ICP Church are hosting a back-to-school health fair on Saturday, offering free immunizations, health screenings, and backpacks to those children and families who need them. In order to visit the immunization clinic, you must present an original, non-expired form of identification and your most recent immunization records. (Orlando Sentinel)


SATURDAY, JULY 28: Come join us next Saturday for Florida Miracle, a dance marathon benefiting the Central Florida Miracle Network! Food, music and entertainment will be provided. Just bring your AWESOME dance moves!


🏃 Run and clean up litter at the same time (Mills)
🍩 Beer and doughnuts, the perfect pair (SODO)
🗣 Hear stories all about when the shit hits the fan (Downtown)
🍷 Grilled cheese and wine go hand-in-hand (SODO)
🎤 Enjoy a good old-fashioned fish fry while you karaoke (Sanford)
🗣 Learn another language (Milk District)

🎨 Marvel at this blend of Asian and Western art (Loch Haven Park)
🏌 It’s 90’s night at Topgolf, dress the part (I-Drive)
🎨 3rd Thursday gallery hop for the win (Downtown)
📎 Win $250 at The Office trivia (Downtown)
👩‍💼 Meet our candidates running for office (over a drink or two] (Downtown)

🎄 Get into the Christmas spirit … in July (Celebration)
🍷 Engage in yoga + wine while benefiting immigrants and refugees (Mills 50)

🍻 Get your pub crawl on, 80’s style (Downtown)
📽 Watch ballet on the big screen (Winter Park)
🇧🇪 Celebrate Belgium…over waffles (Sanford)
🍳 Get your brunch on all night (South Orlando)
💻 This is for all you Orlando bloggers (and wannabes) (East Orlando)
😋 A food tour is the best kind of tour (Downtown) 🆕
🍹 Actually, a cocktail tour is the best kind of tour (Downtown) 🆕

🌮 Eat all the things at this food truck bazaar (Avalon Park)
🚜 Join Fleet Farming in a lesson in gardening (Audubon Park)
🎉 Don’t miss the Thornton Park block party (Thornton Park)
🎊 …or this Live Vibe block party (Windermere)

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to hello@pulp.town or tag #pulptown on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with a Pulptown membership.


Have you seen the video circulating of the lady who dropped her cell phone while recording her experience on StarFlyer, the new attraction that opened last month beside Icon Orlando (a.k.a. The Orlando Eye)? Watch as it drops 450 feet and suffers only a scratch.

’Til tomorrow, amigos!

– Pulptown

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