💪The force is strong with this list.

💪The force is strong with this list.

What's scarier than traffic on I-4? Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror.

Hacking Hollywood Studios.

We’ve already given you  20 fast hacks for a day trip to Animal Kingdom. Here’s 10 more for your next trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  1. Parking costs $22. Uber or Lyft prices vary based on location and distance, but from downtown it’s roughly $28 there, $28 back.
  2. If you want to do the “hot rides” at any park, the key is to get there early. With Toy Story no longer allowing FastPasses until after the new park opens, this is clutch if you want to battle it out in Andy’s room. And if your kiddo wants to fight the dark side and learn how to be a Jedi, even earlier is best.
  3. If your kid is a die-hard Star Wars fan, then this is currently the only park to attend to fulfill those little hearts’ desires. Best time to meet the characters? In the morning hours. Grab a pic with Chewie, Kylo Ren and BB-8, in that order. Don’t sleep on Star Tours, unless you are prone to motion sickness (hello Dramamine,) Cool fact: the more you ride, the more you increase the chances for seeing a different show each time.
  4. Best live show in the park? The Frozen sing-along. I promise even the adults will love it. It’s funny, relevant, and the cast is outstanding. (Speaking of cast, we hope to be interviewing Ben, one of the leading roles in the show, in the next week).
  5. What is something you can almost always do that’s also enjoyable? The Muppet Show. It’s an oldie, but goodie. Also, the cleanest bathrooms are the ones down by The Muppet Show.
  6. Where should I eat if I want a nice sit-down meal? Great question. Hollywood’s Brown Derby has the best offerings in the park.
  7. Where should I go for the best drinks and service? That would be 50’s Prime Time Cafe. The bartenders there are almost always on their A-game as are their drinks. Baseline Tap House is a good option too. P.s. Tower of Terror is always best after a few libations (in our humble and easily scared opinion)
  8. If you’re looking for quick-service, we recommend ordering ahead through the app. If you’re looking for quick-service and healthy(ish), we recommend Fairfax Fare on Sunset Boulevard. If you want pizza, because let’s face it – can someone really mess up pizza? – check out PizzeRizzo.
  9. Anything else we shouldn’t miss? The Indiana Jones show. While we aren’t privy to any information, a solid trend in theme parks is that the older attractions get, the more likely they are to change. Did you know some kids don’t even know who Indiana Jones is anymore? WTF.
  10. There is an abundance of apps that helps you gauge crowd levels. They’re worth the $2.99.

Just a reminder that the highly-anticipated Toy Story Land is slated to open on June 30. Much like the increase in attendance that happened after the opening of Pandora, crowds are expected to rise (to Infinity and beyond) when the park unveils the new attractions. Hey, we’re here to help you.


Don’t get lost out there, kid. Your daily commute may seem a little off, but don’t fret, it’s all in the (Ultimate) plan. New permanent lanes have finally opened on a stretch of I-4 West between Gore and OBT this past Saturday, and we want you to be prepared. (WFTV)

Single with no money left to mingle. Orlando’s options for single bedroom rentals are rising faster than the national average, with a 4.1% spike since May and 15.5% in the last year. Our city now ranks as the 29th most expensive place to rent a one-bedroom out of the largest 100 cities in the country, according to a new study by Zumper. Mom and Dad’s basement isn’t looking that bad anymore, now is it? (Orlando Business Journal)

Casey Anthony might be making a mandatory visit back to O-town. Roy Kronk, the man who found the body of Caylee Anthony, is pushing for his defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony to proceed. The suit was initially filed in 2011 but was put on hold while Anthony went through bankruptcy proceedings. During Anthony’s murder trial, her lawyers suggested that Kronk had been the one who murdered Caylee, hid her body for months, and then pretended to find the body. As of yesterday afternoon, the federal judge had not filed any orders on Kronk’s attorney’s motion. (Orlando Sentinel)

OneBlood, one city. OneBlood, the same blood collection agency that collected blood after the Pulse massacre, is once again launching a donation drive this week in honor of the victims and survivors. The agency said it always needs to maintain a sufficient blood supply for people and that if every blood donor was to give just once a year, there would be no blood shortages. (Orlando Weekly)




👟 Participate in Global Running Day with Track Shack (Mills)
🌱 Attend this workshop on Florida plants and sustainability. (Loch Haven Park)


🍑 Put your paws on fresh produce at Edgewater Farmers Market (Edgewater)
🎉 Grand Opening Party at Winter Park History Museum (Winter Park)
🖼 It’s the weekly 1st Thursdays at OMA (Loch Haven Park)
🎟 Game of Thrones Trivia is coming (Sanford)
Enjoy Coffee + Cake + Conversations (Sanford)


🍹 Enjoy margaritas, tacos and tequilas with a LIVE DJ Friday. (East Orlando)
🎼 Watch the Orlando Gay Chorus perform their new cabaret. (Thornton Park)
👘 Engage in a night of couture and culture. (Downtown)
🎤 Belt your heart out to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and Dreaming of You. (Disney)


📖 Take a storytelling class. (Mills 50)
🏎 Celebrate twenty years of fun with some go-cart racing. (IDrive)
🍿 Watch Jumanji outside at Sunset Cinemas at Cranes Roost. (Altamonte)
🎸 Rock out at House of Blues (Disney)
🔥 It’s close enough to Halloween to have a Night Hike and Campfire (Oveido)
⚾ There’s a new team in town and it’s their mascot’s birthday. (Kissimmee)


🌈 Head over to Orlando Shakes to attend Orlando Voices. (Loch Haven Park)
🎪 The greatest (dance) show of all time! (Downtown)

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to hello@pulp.town or tag #pulptown on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with a Pulptown membership.


Throughout the month of June, Orange County Animal Services is offering a special $10 adoption fee for all dogs and cats. Veterans can have a pet free of charge, cats are BOGO and senior pets are free. Just passing along the good word.

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