“Never attempt a left turn at Mills northbound” and more unspoken rules of Orlando

Every city has its own “unspoken rules” — not like enforceable laws, but a completely separate list of rules that all locals should know about.

We asked our Facebook friends what Orlando’s unspoken rules were and they made us laugh, cry, and cringe, so we figured it was about time to write ’em down.

Like this one really made us laugh:

“Don’t ask friends to do anything that requires the use of ‘The Ultimate I-4’ … ever.” —Joshua Johnson 

And this one was pretty spot on. Also, guilty. ✋

“Complain about the weather — no matter how nice it is at the time.” —Noah Bradon

This one was painfully accurate: 🙃

“Make sure you have a navigator with you when traveling on I-4. They’re invaluable in telling you whether your previously placed exit on the right at a certain mile marker has now moved to the left a mile down.” —Lara Baker 

Have some to add? Pop over to Instagram and tell us in the comments about the Orlando rule you live by.