Meet a member: Adly Santiago

Each week we shine a spotlight on our members in an effort to further connect our community and support each others’ passion projects. Today, we’re introducing you to Adly Santiago, for the Orlando Magic.

What neighborhood do you call home? College Park

Where in town might people run into you? You might definitely run into me at an Orlando Magic game or trying out some delicious local restaurants around Orlando. Some of my favorites are Tamale Co., Korea House or Black Rooster, to name a few. You can also find my fiancée and I grabbing a few drinks at The Robinson Room in Downtown or The Guesthouse on Mills 50 while winding down from a busy week.

What made you decide to become a member of Pulptown? Exactly a year ago on July 4th, I came across the Pulptown photo booth at Fireworks at the Fountain at Lake Eola and from that day on I started receiving the newsletter. From the first newsletter that hit my inbox, I was loving the content! Not only did it have a list of all the upcoming events in town for that week and the most current news, but my favorite was that it highlighted a story related to the history of Orlando. From spotlights on local businesses to the history behind local buildings and current issues that the city is facing.

What’s something you’re working on — in big ways or small — that you could use help with? It’s never easy…but always FUN collaborating and planning the launch of a brand new NBA season for the Central Florida community in late September. Time to get everyone excited for some basketball!

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout (and why)? Let’s give a shoutout to one of my favorites, Tamale Co. From starting as a food truck to now having their first restaurant in the Hourglass District. We first tried their tamales at the Winter Garden farmers market a few years back and made that our weekly trip; now we make our weekly trips to their restaurant for our breakfast fix during the weekends.

What’s a local event you went to recently that you loved? Not necessarily an event, but the atmosphere at Boxi Park is great! With many events happening throughout the weekend, live music and a wide selection of food options and refreshing drinks, this place is great for all ages. Still a bit of a drive from Orlando, but a great experience for the entire family.

What’s a recent story you’ve read about Orlando that you wish more people cared about (and why)? The growing number of Hispanic owned businesses flourishing in the Central Florida area. From established businesses opening their first location in Central Florida to new Hispanic owned businesses starting from the ground up in Orlando, they’re definitely providing an economic boost to the Central Florida area.

What are you celebrating in your life right now? Currently planning my wedding to my best friend!

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