Locals to Know: 10 Questions with Lauren of Doe Creative Co.

I reached out to Lauren of Doe Creative Co. back in January after seeing a friend’s post. It was a picture of the latest edition of Daily Doe, a quarterly newspaper that highlights creatives of all kinds. Between the logo, the font, and the mission, I was hooked. 

Lauren obliged to my interview request and here we are, three weeks into our new, okay, maybe just more consistent, “Locals to know” series. (Check out my sit-down with Dorsa of WOW Rolling and my interview with Orlando Permaculture.)  

Lauren, tell us about your work in Orlando. Your day job and any volunteer work, too. I’ve always got a few plates spinning. On the personal end, I do quite a bit of photography along with branding consultation, digital illustration, and modeling. Anything I can get my hands on that’s pushing the envelope is something that perks my ears. In the midst of creative output, my sights are set on developing Doe Creative Collective: an organization designed to give creators an atmosphere where they can connect with one another, learn from each other, lean on those around them, and ultimately carve out their place in a sustainable creative career. 

Doe Creative Collective is still a baby with big dreams. Our plans are in progress to grow the output and opportunities provided through the collective. We’re currently working on the third issue of Daily Doe, a quarterly newspaper that highlights independent creators of all kinds. 2021 has a few more treats up the sleeve, including a podcast on how to better communication and artist mentorship opportunities.

Aside from cultivating the collective, I’m also the woman behind the curtain at Mordecai Coffee, a pop-up coffee shop stationed in Winter Park at Calvary Orlando Church. It’s been a labor of love creating the identity of Mordecai and our hope is to continue partnering with local events and to long-term open a space for late-night caffeine-fueled studies, passion projects, and procrastination alike. 

What’s your all-time favorite Orlando moment? Every single drive through downtown coming from 408 to I4 at night is like seeing the city enchanted. Seriously, try it sometime. Put your favorite movie’s score on and roll the windows down even if it’s raining (that might be taking it a bit too far but this is hypothetical so roll with it). Magic. (Editor’s note: Lauren’s not wrong!) 

If you could have a billboard in the middle of Downtown, what would it say? “I hope you brought snacks, you might be here a while.” (Spoken like a true Florida transplant. Your editor here would know!) 

What local business has really impressed you during the pandemic? And how? Whippoorwill and Easy Luck are quite honestly part of what kept us afloat throughout this year. From taking action to protect their team and their customers to providing killer to-go options throughout the quarantine, hosting supplies in the summer for marches and mutual aid throughout the city, to being the source of joy for a lot of safe reunions over the past few months, these true angels embody what it means to have a heart for Orlando and act on it.

You’re moving. What is your “last meal” in Orlando? A brief tour: I’m going to Pho Vinh for the Thập Cẩm, taking a nap, then hitting Tori Tori for happy hour and finishing off at Gringos for two black bean Double D’s and queso. 

Your calendar opens up and you get one happy hour with an Orlandoan of your choice. Who’s it going to be? Why? And where are you meeting them? Easy. Dorsa Vaziri. She’s the Queen of Orlando and one of my greatest friends, we’ll meet at Santiago’s for Sangria and Tapas.

You can change one thing about Orlando. What’s it gonna be? Perfectly functional public transit 😉

What is one Orlando news story that you think people need to be paying more attention to? Even with great caution, I’m hopeful to see this headline come across my screen last week. I’m eager to see more action from those who hold the power to make a change at an official level in Orlando in response to ongoing efforts stemming from last summer’s conversations and demonstrations of the great need for change. 

What’s a project you’re working on (big or small) and how can Pulptown readers help you with it? As we ramp up our output with Doe, the projects coming up and continuing on (including Daily Doe) will unfold through the support of our Patreon. We’re unbelievably thankful for the support already being received so well through Patreon and around town. This collective has been my dream for nearly 10 years, and the newspaper is a small glimmer of that dream coming to life. I pinch myself all the time. 

Fill in the blank (specific to your time in Orlando): 100 years from now, I hope I’m remembered for… Two things. First, making a lasting impact on the art community. Bringing artists together, uplifting other Orlando creators, and putting great work into the world. Second, being the most impractically dressed regular at all my favorite spots.

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