Local Orlando Recommendations

Orlando Recommendations from Locals – who follow Pulptown’s Mantra: Live Like You Live Here


  • Man pizza Bruno trying to kill my diet 😢 @yadayadayadia  [Pulptown: this is a GOOD thing for your taste buds!]
  • Vegan food scene in Orlando is legit! Don’t even have to be vegan to appreciate it all! 🌱 @ctoddlaw
  • And go to @kellyshomemadeicecream.   @vessel_named_shea
  • The birria tacos at @antojitoslocosfl are where it’s at @emibefeasting
  • Order the Soup Dumplings and Pan Fried Pork Buns from Shanghai Lane. They’re singlehandedly the best thing I’ve ever eaten in Orlando. — Emi N. @emibefeasting
  • Don’t sleep on the Fried Lasagna Sandwich from Orlando Meats in Winter Park. It was worth burning my hands and mouth for. — Faye A. @fayespov

Fun To-Do’s

feed the giraffes in Orlando pulptown locals recommend
Feed the Giraffes at the Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari
photo credit: Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari
  • Love seeing all the roller-skating newbies practicing every day in Baldwin Park! @ctoddlaw
  • Hi! I’d love to volunteer at a local garden. Do you know if there’s a website to find where the nearest one is? South Street Urban Farm. @raksheen 
  • The giraffes are SO sweet and have the best personalities. @mellamocaitlin [Pulptown: at the Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari – where you can pet and feed the giraffes in Orlando!]
  • Joining a @momma.bear.wellness virtual ceremony to realign and center my intentions 👏 she’s a licensed therapist who lives in the spiritualist realm and is also a doula! @macramemomma

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