♻️ How to keep this season sustainable

Let’s chat before you set the X-mas tree on fire, shall we?

Let’s thrive, Thursday.

Tomorrow we are “wrapping” our heads around shopping for the holidays with a local maker twist. Since we feel fairly confident you’ll want to spend the weekend walking about town to explore all the creative finds, today we’ve got all the hacks to keeping this city beautiful by shopping and wrapping sustainably.

Who actually likes a recycled Amazon box, amiright?

Tips and tricks to going greener this holiday season

♻️ Earth Easy has made a pretty in depth guide

on many ways that you can start your journey towards sustainable living. They are suggesting to follow some simple practices: gifting services or experiences instead of goods, making homemade edible treats, purchasing “old” gold jewelry (some call it “vintage!”), batter-free gift giving, shopping for locally sourced goods, giving “used” gifts, and eco-friendly packaging are just the start. You don’t have to do ’em all, but which practices can you incorporate this year? (Earth Easy)

⛲️There are a few ways that you can shop green in Orlando

Purchasing secondhand automatically reduces the carbon footprint of your gift. From there, shopping locally helps by reducing the impact on transport costs. You can also shop at stores like Mathers and Oh Eco that source sustainable and green gifts and house products, or gift a loved one something from a zero-waste store and help them begin refilling rather than going through single-use plastics. (Visit Orlando)

🎁 It’s time to ditch the wrapping paper and opt for some beautiful creative methods.

Remember when green wrapping just meant newspaper, magazines, and Amazon boxes? No more! Try cloth wraps, or upcycled items like scarfs or handkerchiefs to wrap items. Ditch the tape and opt for twine instead. If you’re feeling creative, you can use brown paper instead and decorate it as simply or ornately as you please with a marker or other design of choice. If you’re not a natural Picasso, try decorating with stamps, branches, and other found items to create a beautifully wrapped gift. (Washington Post)

❓Fake or fir: should you opt for a real tree or a faux one?

In order for a faux tree to be truly green, you would need to use it for 20 years. Simply put, you’re better off opting for a real tree from a local business if you want to keep it sustainable! Check out Happ’s Christmas Trees in Winter Park and Orange City, Kelly’s Christmas Trees in Orlando, Josario’s Trees in Oviedo and DT Orlando, Razzani’s off of TuskawillaCiro and Sons in Lake Nona, Winter Garden, and Dr. Phillips, or if you’re short on time, have Treedrop deliver one straight to your door!

🎄What goes where now?

You might want to bookmark this link for the end of the holiday season. As much joy as the holidays bring, there is just as much waste and trash produced. Each county has specifics on how to recycle trees. Here is how you can dispose and recycle your Christmas cheer without straining the environment.

☝️ One more thing…

More of a visual learner? The City of Orlando has created an online workshop on how to rethink your holiday waste and posted it on YouTube for you to watch and learn.

Check in tomorrow while we check out what the districts have in store for us this season as we close out this holiday shopping week together!

 –  Kit