How to get your workout in under a stay-at-home order in Orlando

If we’re friends on Facebook, then you might’ve seen my post about how my anxiety is getting the best of me these days. I asked for recommendations from my friends and was bombarded with responses.

The main takeaway is that exercise is your friend in times of social-distancing and staying safer-at-home. The best news is there are ways to still support your local favorite gym and fitness studio while getting your workout on from the comfort of your home.

Here are a few favorites:

☮️ Orlando Power Yoga has been my go-to yoga studio for over a decade now. OPY teachers are streaming classes on its YouTube channelFacebook Live and Instagram storiesKelly and crew, I see you and miss you!

☮️ Full Circle Yoga is another favorite and is offering Livestream yoga classes through the Mindbody app. Classes are $10 unless you’re a member, then they’re free with your membership. (Say hi to my favorite teachers, Sarabeth and Bianca.)

☮️ Warrior One Yoga is hosting live and recorded classes, including some free ones. There’s also a free daily live zoom meditation at 9:05 a.m. and a live plank perseverance party every day at 5:55 p.m. We need both. Thanks for the tip, Christine!

👯 Pure Barre has launched a Pure Barre On Demand channel and has plans starting at $29.99 a month. Try it before you buy it with a free trial. As a member, live classes are available through Zoom. (Shoutout to Mel and Danielle for the rec!)

💪 Orangetheory is posting a new workout to its site daily. They’re 20-30 minutes long and are currently totally free. (Thanks for the head’s up, Celina!)

🏋️ Camp Gladiator has a program called Hustle From Home and my friends Maria and Andrew swear by it. The live workouts are offered 2-3 times a day on Facebook and are totally free.

🚲 Rukus Cycling is also stepping up and providing free on-demand classes that aren’t just limited to cycling. There are HIIT, yoga and dance classes available, just download the RukusApp and select RukusLive.

Got some you want to see added to the list? Send me an email at katie@pulp.town, subject line: Let’s work out together and we’ll drop it in!