Helping find solutions to Orlando’s transportation woes

Whether you are on your way to MCO, coming home from a date night downtown, or going to a show at The Social, you have more options than ever to get around Orlando.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced you to:

David and Nathan, the guys behind Omnimodal, a tech company that is working to provide Orlando real-time public transit data.

Courtney, a program manager who is helping connect employers and employees with transit options through reThink Your Commute.

It’s not just individuals who are changing Orlando’s transportation scene. You’ve probably already heard of Lyft, but did you know they often partner with other local transportation options to help give you travel options? For example, Lyft worked with LYNX and SunRail last year on a campaign to help encourage commuters to ditch their cars for a month.   

The company was founded to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation in Orlando and beyond.  

And for the past few weeks they have been supporting our work to bring you stories about all the interesting people who are working on transportation solutions in Orlando.

The Pulptown Creative Studio works with brands and organizations to help them tell local stories, create meaningful engagement, and connect in Orlando.

Our goal is a more human take on advertising that’s about the mission, people, and being a part of making this city an even better place to live. If you’re into that, we’d love to chat about it. Reach out to us at sales@whereby.us.

By Pulptown Creative Studio
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