Gathering up local Orlando creators’ gratitude

Popping into your Tuesday.

From pop-ups like Orlando Local Makers to the shelves of some of our favorite hidden gems like The House on Lang, the local maker community is one of the many reasons I am grateful for this city.

Going into this holiday week, we are highlighting some of the hearts behind the talented hands of people like Lee Ann R. and Alyssa R. of Stardustscents.co and Cheesebees.official who are aptly “thankful for the bees!” and have been buzzing around pop-ups since August with fresh honey that they process twice a year from their genuinely local beekeeping practice which Alyssa started in 2019, while also bringing blissfully scented candles to the creation table by Lee Ann.

Today we are giving y’all a chance to check out some sweet Orlando creations

Let’s get thankful, y’all.

What Orlando is grateful for

Milk-n-Honey Tea Company“There is much to be grateful for this year, but at the top of our list is our communiTEA: our family, friends, and loyal customers who support our tea company. We are also grateful to live in Orlando where small businesses are celebrated and creativity flourishes.”

Cheyenne S. and Mattie G. of The Amber Loft: “I’m grateful for my bed. Being a creator and business owner, I may not get to spend a lot of time in it, but that only serves to remind me about how far I’ve come in a short amount of time.

I’m grateful that I get to be grateful. It’s hard to pick one thing, and that in and of itself is something to be grateful for.”

Jill K. of Jill Keller Pop Art: “I’m thankful for my family, our health, and to be a part of the Orlando Makers community. 🤓”

Lindsay P. of By Lindsay Clay Co.“Being thankful is about practicing gratitude for the little things in your life that God graces us with. Quiet mornings with a cup of coffee before everyone wakes, dinner with family, the drawings my daughter creates, date night with hubby or grabbing a drink with my best friend- it’s those moments and everything in between that I’m thankful for most.“

Sheryl L. of Heal & Herb “For being able to be creative and live my dream. My dream is to help others to reconnect with the earth and what God has provided.”

Krysti G. of ekl Baked: “I mean the obvious one, my children. I started a low carb journey over four years ago which is what led me to create ekl Baked goods and I am very thankful for the journey that led me here”

Leila C. of Peacock Dreams Art Studio“The big things like family, friends and my puppy, but also really the other local artists here in Orlando I can be inspired by and the local community for supporting the creative community.”

Christie and Julie of The House on Lang“We’re thankful for this old house that we found at the perfect time and for all of our friends and family who have helped make it a dream come true. Without them working with us for only beer and pizza, we wouldn’t be the place we are today.

I’m thankful for daily reminders that we’re on the right track starting this small business. It’s a person saying that the house is like something they have never seen before. It’s that we love sums so much that we painted one on the side of our building, and then when we turned on our lights for the first time, they made the sun shine around them. It could be that our LLC is “Sundusted” and a business just opened up across the street that’s also women-owned and their name is “Gold Dust”. It’s stuff like that. The unexplainable and kismet.”

Kit of Pulptown: I’m thankful for Y’all! Our readers and community members make this place a home for us here at Pulptown. Thank you for reading and continuing to help us grow this city even more beautifully when we all have a hand in its creation.

 – ✌️ Kit and The Pulptown Team

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