Did you eat yet… 12 questions with Faye Albanna of @FayesPov

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In this week’s installment of, “Did you eat yet?,” we’re sitting down with Faye Albanna, a local foodie who keeps us drooling on Instagram and Tik Tok. We asked her about her absolute favorite meal in Orlando, where she’s taking her out-of-town guests to eat, and what she’s drinking at happy hour with her favorite Orlandoan. Let’s get to the goods, shall we?

Who are you? (What’s your day job? Who are you on the internet?) My name is Faye. I am a wife, mother of two (cool) kids, and an elementary school teacher. I recently found a passion for food photography and networking with the community where I was born and raised. I am Fayespov (Faye’s Point of View) where I am a local foodie who goes out to eat to try new places/menu items around town and shares my POV with my followers.

In what neighborhood will we most likely find you chowing down? And why? You will most likely find me chowing down around Winter Garden or Winter Park.

What’s your go-to takeout order at the moment? Has it changed since the pandemic began? My go-to take-out order is from Daniel’s Cheesesteak in Winter Garden. If anything, I’ve ordered it way more during the pandemic than before. Make sure you order it with the hot-ranch… GAME CHANGER.

Daniel's Cheesesteak in Orlando

What’s the best-kept secret in the Orlando area? (Don’t worry, we’ll only tell everyone reading this.) Splash Chill & Grill. Known for their award-winning “Dirty Wings.” It’s a hidden gem that I introduced my foodie friends to about two years ago and all agreed these may be some of the best wings they ever had. Chef Awad likes to be creative and try new flavors but the “Dirty Wings” are hands down the best. I’ve had followers on TikTok who went there and have become regular customers; it’s THAT good. It is located at the Park Central Apartments (5145 City St Orlando, FL 32839) 

Splash Chill & Grill in Orlando - Dirty Wings

What’s singlehandedly the best thing you’ve ever eaten in Orlando? You are really challenging me on this question. I would have to say the first thing that comes to my mind now is the Fried Lasagna Sandwich from Orlando Meats in Winter Park. It was worth burning my hands and mouth for. I could not stop eating it.

What is one Orlando food-related news story that you think people need to be paying more attention to? Jeff’s Bagel Run is finally opening his first store!!! If you don’t know about Jeff’s Bagel Run, where have you been? Jeff took it upon himself to make the best NY-Style bagels from his Winter Garden home. He truly has mastered not only his recipe that leaves his bagels extremely soft even after 3 days, but his social media game is LIT. I love how Jeff keeps up with the latest trends and creates new flavors with his community of loyal fans. His store is opening at the end of this month!

Best NY-style bagels in Orlando - Jeff's Bagel Run

Your favorite movie star calls and asks to come over for dinner. What’re you serving? One of my FAYEvorite Palestinian dishes called Maqluba. It consists of beef (your choice of meat) fried veggies and rice. 

Someone visits from out-of-town. They say they want to eat some “Orlando food.” Where are you taking them? What’re you eating? I’m taking them to a few spots: Antojitos Locos for Birria Tacos in Oakland, Tartini Pizzeria for the Cheesewheel pasta and Mushroom Truffle Pizza, Linda’s La Cantina (best steakhouse in town), and The Glass Knife for every dessert on the display.

You’re moving. What is your “last meal” in Orlando? Chicken Fire. I am obsessed with Hot Chicken and Kwame does it best. 

Chicken Fire in Orlando - Hot Chicken sandwich

Your calendar opens up and you get one happy hour with an Orlandoan of your choice. Who’s it going to be? Why? Where are you meeting them? And what are you drinking? I would love to grab happy hour with Mandy Moore. I have been a huge fan of hers since I’m obsessed with ‘This is Us’. We are meeting at 1803. They have one of my favorite happy hours around town. I don’t drink alcohol but they are known for their sangrias. 

Happy Hour in Orlando 1803 bar restaurant Sangria

How can Pulptown readers best support you right now? Follow my Instagram and TikTok at @Fayespov. Interact with my stories and posts. I absolutely LOVE and appreciate when my followers comment or DM me anything related to my content. Whether it’s somewhere they want to try, a meal they also have had before, or even engaging with my Q&As. Getting to know my followers just makes my entire food page’s purpose more meaningful.

Fill in the blank (specific to your time in Orlando): 100 years from now, I hope I’m remembered for… being a genuine and kind person who truly loved seeing other businesses succeed. The relationships I have made with some of these small businesses I’ve worked with have been the most rewarding part of my foodie journey. Knowing my content has helped bring some foot traffic into these restaurants just brings true joy and motivates me to keep going.

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