Denise Diaz gives Lynx riders’ a seat at the table

Denise Diaz has been helping get people to work for years. As the executive director at Central Florida Jobs with Justice, her goal is to listen to the needs of public transit commuters.

She finds herself in the office more these days, but for years she road Lynx buses and asked passengers questions about their experience.

She and her small team collect responses to a variety of probing questions. From how passengers feel about the fare price, to concerns about comfort and inclusion.

Once they collect enough information, they analyze the results and present their findings to Lynx officials in hopes to fix any potential issues.   

Diaz likens her relationship to public transit officials to being a part of a family. She says they may not always see eye to eye but they try to work through issues together.

Diaz says many passengers tell her they wish they could get to their destination faster and routes were available for longer hours during the day. She believes more designated funding could be a way to help solve some of these common issues.

“Raising the fare is just not going to cut it,” Diaz said.

When asked what an ideal transit system would look like in Central Florida, Diaz said it would have justice built into it.

If you want to give your opinions on public transit contact  Central Florida Jobs with Justice.

By Kayla O'Brien
Kayla O’Brien is Pulptown's video producer, former UCF Knight, and current travel enthusiast. You’ll most likely catch her around Orlando in a group bootcamp class, local cocktail bar or cuddling with her black cat Tarot.