Want to go car-less in Orlando?

What would it take for more of us to get around Orlando without our four-wheeled favorite mode of transportation? That’s the question we’ll be digging into with you this month.

/ March 8, 2021

Helping Orlando rethink our work commutes

reThink Your Commute is working to educate Orlando on alternative transit solutions. (📸: Kayla O’Brien) Orlando’s population keeps growing and growing and growing. But we didn’t need to tell you that – you’ve probably experienced it first hand – like that time you were late for a work meeting because you were stuck in traffic […]

/ April 9, 2019

Ever gotten around Orlando without a car? We learned from some folks who do it every day

We spent a few weeks in March diving into all things related to transit in Orlando. And we worked hard to show you how to do it, too.

/ April 4, 2019

This Orlandoan is both a bus driver and bus passenger

Belinda Gwyn is both a Lynx bus driver around Orlando, and a bus passenger who uses the Lynx system to get around town.

/ April 3, 2019

This Orlandoan gave up her car and has been walking a new path ever since

LeeAnn Huntoon is a digital marketing director who lives in downtown Orlando, doesn’t own a car, and, for the past few years, almost exclusively walks to work and to run errands.

/ March 20, 2019

This Orlando cyclist switched his commute from four wheels to two and hasn’t looked back

Beau Weaver said that he prefers two wheels to four and has even been able to convert a few people to cycling over driving around Orlando. We talked with him about what prompted his change.

/ March 12, 2019

Helping find solutions to Orlando’s transportation woes

Getting from point A to point B. Whether you are on your way to MCO, coming home from a date night downtown, or going to a show at The Social, you have more options than ever to get around Orlando. Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced you to: David and Nathan, the guys behind […]

/ February 22, 2019

Changemakers: Meet the Orlandoans who are shaping our transportation future

When it comes to getting around, the struggle is real. Traffic has long been a daily fact of life for many of us, and as Orlando continues to grow, the need for solutions and alternatives to the gridlock has become all the more urgent. For our latest Changemaker series, we met up with a handful […]

/ February 19, 2019

Denise Diaz gives Lynx riders’ a seat at the table

Denise Diaz has been helping get people to work for years. As the executive director at Central Florida Jobs with Justice, her goal is to listen to the needs of public transit commuters. She finds herself in the office more these days, but for years she road Lynx buses and asked passengers questions about their […]

/ February 19, 2019