German restaurant’s beer and pretzels help Sanford get Gemütlichkeit

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Sanford THE PLACE: Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe began as a dream for Linda and Theo Hollerbach back in the 80s. In 2001, the couple opened their German restaurant in the historic district of Sanford and have been growing ever since. They’ve even added a German deli and clothing store in recent years. Their […]

/ March 26, 2019

Providing hope and school supplies for future generations in Central Florida

A look at some for the volunteers and backpacks organized for the 2018 Back 2 School Bash. 📸: HopeNow International In a few months when summer winds down, you’ll find a mountain of school backpacks and hair. For the past 13 years, Karla Radka, and her husband Michael Radka, have been leading hundreds of volunteers […]

/ March 19, 2019

This treasured memory wall is Sanford’s time capsule

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Sanford THE PLACE: Back in 2007, a folk artist named Mr. Imagination cemented mementos from Sanford residents into the wall of the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery on 1st Street. Hundreds of items were plastered onto the wall during the three-week creation process. It’s since become an open air time capsule and one […]

/ March 15, 2019

Living a sex-positive life in Orlando

Angelique Luna, local blogger turned sex advocate and educator, is one-half of the local podcast, ‘Living a Sex Positive Life’, where she and her husband, John, talk about how to embrace sexuality and why it’s important. Angelique is also a certified kink therapy professional meaning she talks to folks about their alternative sexual lifestyles, sometimes […]

/ February 28, 2019

Omnimodal wants you to swipe right on public transit

Can technology help Orlando overcome its traffic woes? David Thomas Moran and Nathan Selikoff think it’s a good first step. Moran and Selikoff met through a community art project focused on public transit in Orlando, bonding over their mutual love for the city and their frustration over how difficult it can be to get around […]

/ February 1, 2019

Thanked by Jimmy Fallon, this Orlando surgeon continues to help worldwide

Dr. Anup Patel hopes to shine a light on the issue of human trafficking in India. Photo by Cents of Relief Likely his most well-known patient, Jimmy Fallon, thanked Dr. Anup Patel with a shout out on ‘The Tonight Show’ for treating a wedding-ring related hand injury that included 10 days in the intensive care […]

/ January 23, 2019

The magic secret behind this Orlando CEO’s success

For Kostya Kimlat, there is more than meets the eye. Amy Schwartz From NASA engineers to executives to the world-famous magician duo Penn & Teller — Kostya Kimlat has them all fooled. In 2015, the Orlando magician appeared on Penn & Teller’s TV show, “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” and was able to pull off […]

/ January 17, 2019

After Pulse, the journey to organizing Orlando’s LGBTQ Latinx community

Photo provided by QLatinx On June 12, 2016, Orlando’s queer Latinx community lost a gathering space for socializing, dancing, celebrating, and just being without judgment. In the days after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the LGBTQ community came together in living rooms and backyards across Central Florida to find community, safety, and a sense of grounding. […]

/ January 15, 2019