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Ultimate Orlando Beer Bracket Elite 8


Alright, alright, alright. 

We’ve made it to the Elite Eight of our Ultimate Orlando Beer Bracket and here’s what we’ve learned so far: 

  • Orlandoans aren’t really partial when it comes to types of beer. You’re equal fans of a Kölsch as you are a sour or an IPA.
  • You like a good competition — this week, we saw over 6,000 votes. 
  • In four short weeks, we’ve gone from 60-something nominations of good beers in this town — proving we have a ton of options! — to EIGHT. And, it’s not just different beers you like, but different brewers too. For once, we have no repeat breweries!  
  • I’ve now got well over 30-something beers to add to my must-try list, and I’d assume the same goes for you. If anyone ever wants to meet up for a day of taste-testing these, say four at a time, sign me up. 

This week, we said goodbye to: 

But they all hung on for tight races against our Elite Eight, specifically the Pulp Friction and the TrHopical Fusion IPA. Heading into the week ahead, the showdown continues with: 

So, who will it be folks? What four beers will advance to the next round in our Ultimate Orlando Beer Bracket? That’s up to you. 

Vote here by 9 a.m. on Monday, July 19 to see who’s moving on.

As a reminder — our bracket is not here to find the “best” local brew, because “best” means something different to everybody. But we are here to highlight the beers and breweries that Orlando really loves and which ones you feel best represent our fair city.

Let the voting commence. 

Vote here👇 by 9 a.m. on Monday, July 19 to see who’ll make it to the next round.

Vote for the Ultimate Orlando Beer to advance to the Final Four

On the quest for Orlando’s Ultimate Beer.
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❓ Bracket FAQs

Here’s a quick primer on how our brackets work: 

Who lands on a bracket?

The original 32 slots were based on reader nominations and staff research. There’s a nomination period before each bracket to collect recommendations on who to include. There is no fee to participate, and you can’t buy a spot in the bracket.

Keep on votin’.

Who advances in each round is strictly based on the number of votes for that round. We’ve had some tight match-ups, so every vote counts! Yes, you can vote more than once in each round.

How can I sponsor a bracket?

Our sales team works with companies who want to sponsor brackets and related events. For more information, contact Benjamin Chaffee.

Tell your friends!

Contenders are welcome to encourage their fans to vote for them. We even made an image for you to post on social media to rally the troops. You can hit us up at hello@pulp.town and we’ll get it to you. If you post on social, use the hashtag #PulptownBeerBracket.