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The Ultimate Orlando Beer Bracket Finals


Presenting your top two picks for Pulptown’s Ultimate Orlando Beer Bracket.

Did your favorite make it to the final matchup? It’s up to you, our brew-drinkin’ readers, to decide who takes the title of Orlando’s Ultimate Beer.

Meet your final brew matchup, Orlando: Castle Church Brewing’s Katie’s Kölsch vs. Ivanhoe Park Brewing’s Joyland IPA! Persimmon Hollow’s Daytona Dirty Blonde Ale and Sideward Brewing’s Friends & Enemies Coffee Stout really put up a good fight; but in the end, they were no match for the other two.

We’ve really come a long way since the initial 32 nominations. It’s been fun to see Pulptown readers vote and interact passionately with our bracket. We’re not here to find the “best” Orlando beer, because “best” means something different to everybody. But we are here to highlight the breweries, brewers, and local beers that Orlandoans really love and which ones you feel best represent our city.

No matter who wins, we hope this bracket gives you some inspiration to grab a refreshing beer with your buds and support the amazing folks furthering our beer scene here in the City Beautiful.

So who will claim victory? Will it be Castle Church Brewing’s Katie’s Kölsch with its brilliant blonde-gold pour and light, hoppy aroma, originating in Germany and named in honor of Katharina (von Bora) Luther, wife to Martin Luther and force behind the Luther manor’s brewery in the 16th century? Or Ivanhoe Park Brewing’s Joyland IPA, an award-winning American IPA with 7% ABV that promises malts and hops and a welcoming bitterness that was aptly named after the iconic amusement park that brought joy to the Lake Ivanhoe area in the early 1900s?

The answer will be determined by your votes — which you can cast down below. Voting for this round will close Monday, Aug. 2 at 9 a.m.

Hey Alexa, play “It’s the Final Countdown“, would ya?

Vote for the Ultimate Orlando Beer FINAL

On the quest for Orlando’s Ultimate Beer.
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❓ Bracket FAQs

Here’s a quick primer on how our brackets work: 

Who lands on a bracket?

The original 32 slots were based on reader nominations and staff research. There’s a nomination period before each bracket to collect recommendations on who to include. There is no fee to participate, and you can’t buy a spot in the bracket.

Keep on votin’.

Who advances in each round is strictly based on the number of votes for that round. We’ve had some tight match-ups, so every vote counts! Yes, you can vote more than once in each round.

How can I sponsor a bracket?

Our sales team works with companies who want to sponsor brackets and related events. For more information, contact Benjamin Chaffee.

Tell your friends!

Contenders are welcome to encourage their fans to vote for them. We even made an image for you to post on social media to rally the troops. You can hit us up at hello@pulp.town and we’ll get it to you. If you post on social, use the hashtag #PulptownBeerBracket.