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Sanford dessert spot makes wonder out of marshmallows

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Sanford THE PLACE: Wondermade is a sweet Sanford dessert spot specializing in artisanal marshmallows, eccentrically flavored ice creams and scrumptious s’mores. Nathan and Jenn Clark are co-owners and run the business together while raising their six kids. They say they’ve made millions of marshmallows since starting production in 2012 and ship throughout the […]

Food / May 20, 2021

Nikki's Place

Where to find the best Southern food in Parramore

While Chef Nick Aiken has cooked for legends like Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali and Coretta Scott King throughout his culinary career, he says he’s most proud to be the head chef and owner of Nikki’s Place. Chef Nick was raised in Parramore and has been serving up southern staples like chitterlings, collard greens, and black-eyed peas for 20 […]

Drink / April 29, 2019

Castle Church Brewing

Orlando’s Castle Church Brewing: A holy union of beer and gospel

MEET THIS LOCAL TO KNOW: Jared Witt is a Lutheran pastor at Orlando’s only brewery that also holds church service. Castle Church Brewing Community is located near the Orlando International Airport and opened its doors back in December. It’s a brewery that holds church service on Sunday and Wednesday. Witt’s business partner Aaron Schmalzle started […]

Drink / April 16, 2019

Page 15

Page 15 gives young Parramore writers a stage

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Parramore THE PLACE: Page 15 is a non-profit for young aspiring writers in Parramore of all skill and age levels. They meet after school to express their creativity through storytelling, poetry, journalism, and creative writing. In the Downtown Recreation Center on Parramore Avenue, the group presents its work on a small stage and […]

Arts & Culture / April 15, 2019

Rob Greenfield

Orlando environmentalist grows 100% of his food of the year

TODAY’S LOCAL TO KNOW: Rob Greenfield, 32, is an adventurer and activist who puts his mantra where his mouth is. Literally. He’s on a mission to  protect the earth and encourage everyone to lead  more eco-friendly lifestyles. Until 2011, Greenfield lived a fairly traditional American life. After college he took a trip around the world […]

/ April 9, 2019

Debbie Rodriguez

This Orlando non-profit founder wants to break the stigma against construction workers

MEET THIS CHANGEMAKER: Debbie Rodriguez, founder and President of IBuild Central Florida, wants to change the stigma against construction workers and encourage more  people to become tradespeople. WHAT SHE’S DOING: Rodriguez owns two construction companies in the area and noticed a lack of qualified workers to do the work. When she talked with others across […]

Changemakers / April 1, 2019

John Hursh

Toolbox4Life is teaching the tools for life using actual tools

MEET THIS CHANGEMAKER: John Hursh is the co-founder of Toolbox4Life, an eight-week program that teaches adults the skills they need to work in a commercial kitchen or construction site. The project grew out of a nonprofit called 306 Foundation that Hursh and his wife, Jane, started in 2012 to connect communities through partnerships and networking. […]

Changemakers / April 1, 2019

Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe

German restaurant’s beer and pretzels help Sanford get Gemütlichkeit

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Sanford THE PLACE: Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe began as a dream for Linda and Theo Hollerbach back in the 80s. In 2001, the couple opened their German restaurant in the historic district of Sanford and have been growing ever since. They’ve even added a German deli and clothing store in recent years. Their […]

Drink / March 26, 2019

Memory Wall

This treasured memory wall is Sanford’s time capsule

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Sanford THE PLACE: Back in 2007, a folk artist named Mr. Imagination cemented mementos from Sanford residents into the wall of the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery on 1st Street. Hundreds of items were plastered onto the wall during the three-week creation process. It’s since become an open air time capsule and one […]

Arts & Culture / March 15, 2019

Sanford homeowners open their yards to neighbors, porches to musicians

Sanford Porchfest is an annual event where homeowners donate their porches for one day for a mini music festival. Neighbors walk between 10 homes which host different genres of bands.

Neighborhoods / March 5, 2019